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The 66 Books of the Old and New Testament were written to be understood and appreciated by everyone. The best way to do that without losing the context or spiritual content is by understanding the time and the language in which the text was written. Men with the gift of Pastor-Teacher (Eph. 4:11) who have been properly trained are best qualified to study and teach the whole content of scripture without introducing their own ideas into the text.

Maranatha Church is committed to honestly studying the Bible in light of the historical setting (Isagogics), verse-by-verse from the original languages of scripture (Exegesis) and in harmony with the rest of scripture (Categories). If you are interested in the content of our ministry, a number of printed doctrines and audio recordings are available for your edification.

You are invited to listen to Bible Class via Real Audio G2. Note the listing on the side bar. Also, please remember to stop in and visit us the next time you are in Oklahoma City.

Maranatha Church began as a tape group in 1971. 
Jack Ballinger and his family arrived from Houston, TX in August 1973.



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