This policy sets forth the operating principles for the Maranatha Church Tape Ministry and defines our procedures and restrictions for distributing sound recordings of Bible classes.

No charge or price will be established for any tapes and no Tape cost information will be given to any tape user. This is a grace ministry. Tapes will be made available without cost of any kind. This ministry is financed solely by the free will gifts of believers. Everyone will be equally supplied based on the operating assets made available to us under grace.

No tape recording can ever replace the function of a Pastor-Teacher and face-to-face teaching in a local church. If there is a doctrinal church in your area, you should attend that church. Anyone living in an area without a doctrinal church has two options.

  1. Set up a local church in their area.
  2. Move to an area where there is a doctrinal church.
The maximum number of tapes that can be ordered at any one time is seventeen (17), unless the Church Board determines otherwise. Individuals are responsible for re-ordering tapes before they run out. No open ended orders for tapes will be honored. Individuals should only order what they can reasonably use. The tapes are given to recipients, not loaned or checked out. The tapes may be passed on, kept for future reference, or returned for reuse.

Requests for cassette tapes may be submitted by mail or through Maranatha’s web site order form. The following information is required:

  1. Book of the Bible or doctrine as shown on the Tapes Listing and the tape number.
  2. Our tape library is filed by Book and sequential tape number.
If you live near Cleveland, Ohio, Sarasota, Florida or central Long Island, New York, you have access to a doctrinal church.

In Cleveland contact Pastor Ken Reed (pastor497@ameritech.net). (www.homestead.com/lebchurch/),
In Sarasota contact Pastor Ron Snider (ron@makarios-online.org), (http://www.makarios-bible-church.org/).
On Long Island contact Pastor Seamus Allen(seamusa@optonline.net).

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